Wednesday, August 10, 2011


It turns out that this month will be my 6th Blogiversary. Is that not completely weird?? It seems pretty weird to me.

I only noticed it because I went back into the archives to look at old photos and footage of Clare. People keep asking me whether Clare was like Julia is at this age and I have absolutely no recollection. Thank goodness for this blog, otherwise, every single memory I have of Clare as a child would be inaccurate!! I can barely remember her as she was then. I look at the pictures and its as if she and I were both two other people. So crazy. If you'd also like to see what Clare was like when she was Julia's age, you can visit the September and October 2008 archives.

So, I was reading my first post wherein I comment that I have neither cellphone or car. Today I own both a cellphone (on my 2nd model, I think) and car (still the first car I've every owned). It's interesting because I've spent a bit of time this week feeling down about how I never seem to make any real progress -- that we keep getting kind of stuck without making any improvement. For example, that I'm still living without baseboards in the living and dining rooms and I'm still living with a hole in our 2nd floor ceiling. But then I got reminded. Firstly, I visited my 'list of things to do around the house' and realized that while there are some things that haven't gotten checked off the list yet, that I have in the past year or so checked off about 5 or 6 other things that I'd forgotten about. Now, visiting the archives, I'm reminded of how much has changed in just these 6 years. I have a car and a cell phone. And kids and a house - a house that we own just about half of, I think, which is actually pretty amazing for only 5 years into our mortgage. And a new job. There are some other kind of more subtle things too. I think Rob and I have an even better relationship than we did back then - which is pretty cool, since we were already pretty good back then. And of course, the girls. I mean, that's just a whole other dimension.

I dunno. I guess I could still be upset that things aren't happening faster. That the light switch in the kitchen isn't fixed. That there's no light in the dining room. That everything needs to be painted. But I think I can see that we're getting there. It might just take us another 25 years.

Talk to you soon,



Karen Lew said...

Awesome post! You're obviously doing great!

I'll have to look up when my blogiversary is and reflect on my progress, too.

And I bet you own way more than half the house if you take appreciation into account.

Jesse said...

I really enjoyed your post - its so easy to see the cup as half empty but you list of great successes show us how it is mor than half full! Congrats!