Monday, July 04, 2011

New Clothes - Clare and Julia

Matching denim rompers!

This blanket set-up is what I've been putting down on the floor so that when Julia's having tummy time and she gets frustrated, she doesn't smash her nose on the hardwood. However, she's gotten to be a pro at rolling over. Now, if she's frustrated about being on her tummy, she just rolls on to her back. She kind of laughs at me then - like 'sucka! you can't make me crawl!' I've got the last laugh though. Now that she's so good at rolling over, she actually doesn't seem to mind being on her tummy and even rolls herself that way to get to a toy or get a better view of Clare.

Sisters. Clare is trying to play the 'sleeping game'. She pretends to sleep and cuddle with Julia and I'm supposed to come nearby and make a loud noise to 'wake' her up. As you can see, even during the sleeping game, she isn't very still.

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