Sunday, July 03, 2011

New Clothes - Julia, Day 3

Shirt and shorts by OshKosh, from Gymboree. The shorts have some super cute orange decorative buttons on them .. kind of 'sailor buttons', you know? You can't see them in these pictures. The hat is one I bought her and matches really well with this particular outfit. It's from a store called Snug and is made in Canada by Snug as a Bug. We have a few Snug as a Bug items at our house.

This is the face that Julia makes when the sun is too bright and shining in her eyes. The funny thing is - she sometimes intentionally looks at the sun and then makes this face. It's like she thinks its hilarious.

Talk to you soon,

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Eve said...

OOh these pictures are sooo cute too! i just saw them now! :)

Eve said...

Oh because you just posted them tonight! that may be why. ha. absolutely adorable!!