Monday, February 07, 2011


This one is for Goo Ma, Evey, and any other Top 40 fans out there --

C: I'm gonna dance dance dance dance. On the floor. With my pants pants pants pants. 'Cause it goes on and on and on. Yeah. I throw my hands up in the air sometime, sayin' Ayo, lets go, I'm gonna start a break and live my life, sayin' Ayo, baby lets go. Gonna rock it out, gonna dance tonight, gonna light it up, like its dymomite. I went out once, and again twice, gonna light it up, like it's dymomite. Sayin' Ayo, baby let's go

- lyrics to Taio Cruz's Dynamite as interpreted by a 3 year old. Oh My!

Talk to you soon,



Cynthia said...

I wish you could video this and post it. Ack! I wish I was there to see it.


Eve :) said...

Have i mentioned i LOVE Clare? she's cute and smart and now can ROCK out. she's way cool. love it! :)
also thank you for posting all of this stuff....i realize that i don't have anything for you to read in turn but i promise you i will if i have a kid or learn to cook or knit. i highly doubt anyone wants to hear how my cats are or my thoughts on Reality tv (LOVE it btw, am addicted sadly to anyone directly or indirectly related to a Kardashian, ha ha. no really, its bad!!)
anyway love your little family and your blog---i am a fan! :)