Thursday, February 03, 2011


C: Mummy, can I have a Mikado?
Me: A Mikado???
C: No! a Bucatto.
Me: A Bucatto???
C: No!
Me: Can you describe to me what you're asking for? I'm not sure what you mean.
C: It's round like a circle (draws the shape with her finger in the air), it's green and black, and you cut it like this (shows again with her hands) and mash it up to make green dip.
Me: Oh!! An avacado, a-va-cado.
C: Yeah, that's what I say. A vacado. Can I have some vacado?

For the record, there was absolutely no visual reference for this conversation that might have given me a clue. The context was Rob and I putting together our grocery shopping list while Clare and I were eating lunch. I thought she was asking for something immediate but it turns out this was her request for what she wanted Rob to pick up at the store for her.

Talk to you soon,


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