Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hooray for Today

Clare 'stayed dry' all day long today!

At one point she asked me, "Mum, I'm wearing underwear?". "Yes, Clare, you're wearing underwear.". She followed that immediately with "No diaper?". "Nope, no diaper today.". Then she says, "I have to go potty."

I haven't really mentioned much about our experiences with potty training. Clare's been doing really well at daycare for a while now but sometimes has trouble at home. I think today was the first weekend day that she stayed dry and clean all day. Even the few times I put a pull-up on her just to be safe (like when she went out with my brother who wouldn't have been comfortable bringing her to a bathroom if she needed it) she kept the pull-up dry too. Sometimes a few hours at a time, she'd wait and hold it or whatever was necessary. What was actually surprising was that she really did ask to go to the potty if she needed to. Mostly, up until now, we've just been asking her to sit on the potty at fairly regular intervals -- which was working but just not 100%.

Anyway, today was a big day. Her dad and I are super proud of her. Looks like she'll be starting her new daycare in style, and we won't have two kids in diapers come December! Hooray!

Talk to you soon,


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nana said...

Could it be that she just is better at things when at nana's house.