Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Funny Things Clare Did and Said Today

Seriously, this all happened just today --

1. Put my metropass (which she likes to hold to show the driver) into a newspaper box. I had to pay $2 to open the box to get my metropass and a paper out!

2. Upon seeing a picture of Adrian Grenier in the newspaper she says "Is that my Daddy, there?"

3. After having her finger nails trimmed today, says "Oh, Mummy, you cut this one here. Now I can't pick my nose!"

4. After blowing her nose (or rather me insisting that she blow into a Kleenex), she picks up a kleenex and holds it at my nose. "Blow, Mummy! Again! Harder, please! Good job Mummy, good blowing!"

Talk to you soon,



Eve said...

She's Awesome!!! :)

Amanda said...

so funny! She sounds like she had fun

Anonymous said...

Boy she is really confused with her family members.Last weekend she asked if Frank Sinatra was Uncle Christian.
She is quite the character.