Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It Begins and Ends with Dancing

Clare and I had a really nice day yesterday. It started a bit earlier than usual, with Clare waking up around 6. She was a bit upset because she knows that she’s not supposed to leave her room until 6:30 or until Mum and Dad are awake, whichever comes first. She woke us up by calling out from her room “I’m all done sleeping! I want to wake up now! Mummy!?!” Since our whole day started a bit ahead of schedule, we weren’t in any rush to get ready for work or daycare. We even got to have a leisurely bowl of oatmeal for breakfast and while the oatmeal was cooking Clare and I danced around the kitchen while singing. No better way to start the day with dancing around the house and singing at the top of your lungs!

We took the streetcar to the daycare, which Clare really loves. At our transfer spot, she picked the orange newspaper, the one with the golfer on the front (hockey is all over and so is soccer!). We didn’t get to read it on the streetcar though, because it was too crowded and we didn’t get a seat. So, since we were still a bit early, we sat on the steps in front of the daycare and read the paper before we headed in. She did get a bit sad both when Rob left to go into work and when I left her at the daycare. She kept wanting more hugs and kisses. But compared to what we’ve been dealing with the last few weeks, it was a breeze.

After work, I picked Clare up from daycare and we went home for dinner. At our streetcar transfer spot, we ran for the car only to discover that it was jam packed. I think this might have been the first time that Clare has experienced the agony of not being able to get on a streetcar because it’s too full. In true toddler fashion, she screamed at the streetcar, demanding “I want a seat! Give a seat to Clare!! Give a seat to Clare!!” There wasn’t one person at the stop who wasn’t laughing. I took a moment to explain why yelling at the streetcar wasn’t appropriate but holy cow it was funny. Quite possibly funnier because every one of the rest of us was wishing we could shout the same thing.

When we got home, she helped me cook dinner except kept eating the zucchini before it was cooked, the bread before it was toasted, and all of the tomatoes. We sat side-by-side on the stools at the kitchen island and ate good food and talked about our respective days. We cleaned up a bit from dinner and then went upstairs to get into our jammies. Mr. Bun got his diaper changed and Clare operated her “computer” while I checked in on Facebook. We watched ‘just one’ Dora and then I let her cuddle me on the couch as we took in an episode of So You Think You Can Dance. She clapped her hands and cheered at the end of every number. But then the cuddling ended because we had to do some dancing whenever the people on tv were dancing. I was having so much fun that it was hard to make her go to bed. Eventually, I stepped up and sent her into her room.

Do all of the best days being and end with dancing?

Talk to you soon,


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