Friday, May 21, 2010

Still Waiting

There's a really great daycare in the school that Clare will attend when she starts JK. We're really really hoping that we can get her into that daycare before she needs to start school, just so that the logistics of integrating daycare and school are easier. Thing is, this particular daycare will only take kids as young as 2.5 years. We got ourselves on the waiting list when Clare was just about 1 year old. I forget who's good advice it was to do that - maybe Nate and Shana's. Anyway, when I called, they said that the waiting list was anywhere from 2 to 3 years long and they wouldn't make any guarantees that I'd get in before Clare needed to start school. And that was back when we thought she wouldn't start school until she was 5. Full day JK (yep, her school is one of the ones doing full day JK) means she'll be starting a year earlier!

I'm pretty sure you've heard me talk about the trials and tribulations of finding childcare in Toronto before. Despite our experiences and despite the warning that the waiting list was 2 to 3 years long - I've still been kind of worried about the possibility that she might need to start at the new daycare in July, when she'll be 2.5 years old. You see, this daycare will only take kids who are potty-trained. Clare is not potty-trained. As much as I'd like to get her out of diapers soon, the looming and fast approaching deadline was tensing me up a bit. If they offered us a spot in July and we had to turn it down because she wasn't trained, we'd get bumped to the bottom of the waiting list. In that case, there really would be a chance that she wouldn't get into that daycare at all.

So, yesterday, I called the daycare. I asked if it looked like she was going to be offered a spot this summer. The answer - no chance. They've been calling all the families for start dates as late as September and we haven't made the cut yet. So, the absolute earliest date now is October but actually - because they're affiliated with a school, they don't really get turnover during the year. So, in fact, the most likely time she'd start, if at all, is next summer.

Clare's off the hook on the potty training for now. No big deadlines looming. But we're still waiting for a daycare spot.

Talk to you soon,



Mary Anybody said...

Hi, I'm from Switzerland, and I thought it wasn't easy to get in childcare over here, but here if you're lucky and sign up when you're four months pregnant, you can find a place for your baby in six months! Good luck to you (with the potty training too)!

mellow roc said...

Hello Rebecca, My name is David and I occasionally choose the next blog or 3 just to see who my neighbors are in the blog land. Hope you are able to find a daycare program suitable for Clare and for you, but find myself at the other end of child rearing, as my 2 adopted teens will soon be graduating from high school. They have been with us nearly 10 years and it has been quite the experience to be a parent. Wish you many good fortunes.

Karen Lew said...

Wow, I dig the random commenters.