Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Happy Valentine's Day

Clare and I handcrafted some valentines for the kids and teachers at her daycare. It was so so so much fun. She helped me cut the red cards using my rotary paper cutter. With supervision, she's pretty good at sliding the cutter up and down the track as long as I hold the paper in place. I cut the white hearts out of some lovely embossed paper I had around and then attached a glue dot on the back of each, making a sort of sticker. Well, if you know Clare, you know that she loves stickers, so once it was all ready she gleefully applied the heart stickers to the red card. Not too many of them were centred as this one is but they all looked great.

We did all of the card making on one night. The following night I addressed the cards while Clare coloured a picture inside with pink and red crayons. I have to admit, getting her to do this was the hardest part. I was insisting that the colour choice be restricted to reds and pinks and she wanted the black pen I was using to write the names on cards and envelopes. I won.

I prepared the heart shaped Rice Krispie squares on my own. On the night before the Valentine's day party. At midnight. Ok, I guess technically that's actually the morning of the Valentine's day party.

Talk to you soon,

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