Wednesday, February 24, 2010


A few of us got together just before Lunar New Year to make some dumplings. Caroline and I (featured in one of the pictures below) both have subscriptions to Fine Cooking magazine. We were inspired by the recipes in the Jan/Feb issue and then spread the inspiration around a little. So, four of us got together and we each brought our own recipe for filling. We filled about 40 or so dumplings with our filling and then traded with everyone else there, so we each got just about 10 dumplings of each flavour. There was enough filling leftover that I was able to make another 20 or so the next day (that I kept all for myself!) The filling recipe I used was this one, Caroline's was this one, Joanna's was this one, and Carvill's mommy made her own recipe! I think we're indebted to Carvill for showing us the proper pleating technique. I can't imagine how long it would have taken if we'd tried to figure it out from the photos in the magazine.

All of the before pictures are courtesy of Joanna and her cell phone camera. Clearly my hands were too busy wrapping to remember to take a photo! The after picture.. well that was all me.

Gung Hey Fat Choi!

Caroline and I and the dumplings we'd already made.

Carvill's perfectly shaped, perfectly filled, lovely and dense and identical dumplings!
Joanna's very pleated, very pretty dumplings

As a matter of fact, they do taste as good as they look!

Talk to you soon,