Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Dressing up

This is Clare dressing up as "Mummy" (she's wearing my hat)

The lego box she's carrying, she's got hanging over her wrist. She called it her purse.

She also put on her boots and scarf and made for the door.

She waved. "Bye Mummy. Going work. I love you. See you tomorrow!"

Talk to you soon,

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Eve said...

These pictures are waaaay too cute! she is getting so big. wow. and she's got you down with the scarf on---you always have a scarf on (in my mind anyway---a really long scarf that is as tall as you)
i can see you guys are doing well. i was worried a little because i didn't see any new blogging. miss you! :)

Pot said...

So cute. Just stumbled on this blog and loved your little one. God bless.