Friday, September 25, 2009

A Big Girl

One of the best 'perks' of my job is that my company, on occasion, will allow me to work from home. Since what I do can be done from just about anywhere, so long as I have my laptop, it's very flexible. And I actually get a lot done when I have the quietude of my own house. Anyway, today, I'm working from home. I'm mentioning all of this because I find it hilarious that the cats are sort of freaking out by my presence. It's not too often that they get me to themselves and with me home but Clare gone, they've been begging me for attention steadily all morning. What a couple of weirdos.

The reason I decided to stay home today was so that I could be here when Clare got back from her trip. She's gone to Chudleigh's Farm to go apple picking today with Karen, Adam, Naomi, Poh-Poh and Gung-Gung (Adam's, not hers). No Mum. No Dad. No daycare. She wimpered a bit and gave me her 'I'm not happy!' look (the one she inherited from HER MaMa, I'm certain) when I left her with Karen but she didn't really cry. I'm really excited for her. I think she's going to have fun and I'm super happy that she's growing brave enough that she won't cry when we leave her. I know, I'll be singing a different tune when she's 20 and I'M the one crying when SHE leaves ME. For now, I'm just proud of my big girl.

Special thanks to Karen, Adam, and Naomi for inviting Clare along.

Talk to you soon,


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