Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Technical Difficulties

Well, we're experiencing some technical difficulties over here. Namely, my beloved laptop, friend that I thought would be with me for many years to come has suffered serious injury from a fall. We won't point any fingers or aim any blame about how such a thing could happen. Right now we're just hoping that she'll get fixed up soon. The injury might have been fatal - I'm not ready to talk about it. Certainly, the costs for her care are - for us, right now in our current situation - out of reach. I know there's been a lot of talk about public healthcare in the US. Sadly, our little laptop does not qualify for public healthcare in Ontario (given that she's neither human nor really a proper resident of this province in that inanimate objects can't really reside).

I'll do my best to post about the Grape and Wine Festival and my adventures in canning as well as growth reports on Clare (I'm pretty sure she wakes up every morning a whole new height) just as soon as I can.

Talk to you soon,


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