Monday, February 02, 2009

A fat lip, but that's all that's fat!

Clare was trying to run this weekend. She's mastered walking, but running, not so much. She looks a bit like those kids who are learning to skate but can only stop themselves by crashing into the boards. Clare will get started running and then look for the nearest object to throw herself at as a way of 'stopping'. On Saturday the nearest object was a plastic storage container (about her waist height) that she kind of missed/slipped with her hands and caught instead with her face. After some serious tears, a pile of hugs, and a smile inducing freezie, she was feeling much better. She liked the freezie enough that I wouldn't put it past her to fall down some more to try to get freezies. She did put on a pretty big show Saturday and Sunday after any of her other little stumbles.

Clare also had her 12 month check-up with the doctor last week. Developmentally, she's ahead of most of the milestones that he was asking about. However, she's also meeting the medical criteria for too much weight loss. This visit her weight was 19lbs and 9oz and her length was 19 inches. That's about 50th percentile for length and a little below 25th for weight. Although she's mostly been somewhere around the 25th - 50th percentiles for weight, at her 8 week appointment Clare rang in at a whopping 75th. Because her weight has dropped over two quartiles, it gets the attention of the physician. He's not really worried about her (she's clearly healthy) nor are we. Still, it's kind of annoying that we had to have "a talk" about her diet and nutrition. We're supposed to revisit the topic again at her 15 month appointment. For now though, we're trying to fatten her up a bit with lots of yoghurt, avacado, and whole milk.

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