Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Some Randomness

Every day I pass by this beauty salon. In their window hangs my favorite sign in all of Toronto: "Sharma's Beauty Salon. Come in feeling like a drag___, Leave feeling like a queen _____. Wigs $39.99"

A guy that I went to highschool with is featured in the upcoming feature film "He's Just Not That Into You". Wild. Last I saw him, I think he was in an Enbridge Gas commercial.

For some reason, thinking about Mike Beaver (described as a Canadian comedian) made me wonder what Mark Andrata was up to. He's actually featured in this week's Eye Weekly.

Jo loaned me Dr. Horrible. "What a crazy random happenstance" is my new catchphrase.

Talk to you soon,


1 comment:

eve said...

Okay seriously, everytime i saw that commercial for 'He's not that into you' i was like that guy looks like Mike Beaver. The last time i saw it i was VERY sure it was. so i'm glad you mentioned it-- that's cool :)