Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Long Road Ahead

Now that Clare's a year old, I'd like to start weaning her from breastmilk. It's primarily an intellectual desire, since I've had a really positive experience and I don't find it to be especially inconvenient. Ever since Clare started eating solids and even more so, since I started back at work, Clare's been partaking in milk 2-3 times a day: in the morning when she wakes up, just before she goes to bed, and just before I go to bed. Sometimes she skips the 7pm meal if I'm at rehearsal. She doesn't really need it.

Rob's mom has been caring for Clare during the day, now that Rob and I are both back to work. She's introduced Clare to a bit of whole milk from her sippy cup a bit during the day. Last night I tried to give her a bottle of milk at the 11pm feeding instead of breastmilk. The reaction from Clare was extremely negative. She drank the first 2 oz very quickly but then she started to wake-up a bit and she realized what I was doing to her. This was followed by a lot of sputtering, spitting, hands waving in front of her face trying to push the bottle away, some crying, turning away from the bottle. She looked at me with confusion, mostly, and some frustration. Then she started demanding 'the good milk'. I totally caved. So, I tried again this morning. As soon as the bottle got anywhere near her she was throwing her hands, thrashing around, and getting angry. She tried to pretend that the milk was making her gag. Sigh.

Clare is quite attached to her 'good milk'. I knew that she'd have a tough time transitioning away. I'm still struggling with what my approach should be from here on in. I'm not sure 'easing her into it' is necessarily going to work. We might have to go cold turkey on her. Or maybe for a while, Rob's gonna have to do the milk feedings. She's more accepting of a bottle from him. I know that every child is different. I guess I need to just puzzle out what will be the best way for Clare.


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