Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Advent Day 3

Did anyone check out the films on Electric December? I'm really enjoying them!

Our advent calendar contained candy yesterday. It's about 50/50 candy/activities. Today's an activity though. Should I tell you what it is? Hmm.. It's kind of personal.. oh.. alright.. just in the interest of everyone getting to play along if you so desire. Today's activity is 'Kissing under the Mistletoe". The Mistletoe can be figurative, if you'd like. Go - grab someone you love and give them a big ol' smooch! And remember to tell them how much you love them, at this time of year and all year round.

This morning before I left for work, Clare was playing around a bit in the kitchen as we got her breakfast ready. She likes to cruise around in the kitchen. Before I knew it, she had one foot (still in her sleeper, keep in mind) in the cat's water bowl. Aiya! (That's my best impression of Rob's Mom's sound of surprise and frustration. Can you hear it?)

Also, The Little Miss is getting kind of wavy/curly hair. Last night after her bath she had the perfect little 'Alfalfa' curly lock sticking up at the back of her head. Photographic evidence should be along any time now (Rob.. Rob.. are you there Rob?)

Talk to you soon,


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