Tuesday, December 09, 2008

More Advent and Other Holiday Fun

We've continued to enjoy the season of Advent and all the preparations for Christmas around our house the past few days.

Rob and I have, just since Friday, seen a holiday movie (Four Christmases), completed half of our Christmas crafts, done some shopping for gifts, taken Clare to meet Santa at the mall, taken in a Christmas concert (Kevin and the TNL's Christmas concert featuring Impact Brass and Dr. Patricia Wright), prepared our gingerbread dough, walked around the neighbourhood after dark to see all the houses lit up, purchased our Christmas tree, decorated our Christmas tree, and made donations of toys and non-perishable food to neighbourhood organizations.

It's been a pretty fun time, gotta say. Though, Clare was completely terrified of Santa and spent much of Sunday recovering from the experience. Then, last night we made her come out with us as we walked around to see the houses and all she wanted was for me to carry her (but instead she had to stay in the stroller). So, maybe Clare isn't having quite as much fun as Mum and Dad...

Talk to you soon,


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