Thursday, August 14, 2008

Ignorance is Bliss

Quite late on Monday night I was walking with Clare in one of Toronto's more 'colourful' neighbourhoods. It was strange to be out so late with her in her stroller. We've never done that before.

As we walked down the street I overheard a young woman (maybe in her mid-20s) say to another woman of about the same age, "... and then when my Mom came home I took two bottles of Tylenol and downed a mickey of vodka. I was totally out of it then. They had to take me to the hospital and pump my stomach". To which the other woman replied, "Yeah, I did that with the Tylenol before but I didn't think to follow it up with a mickey".

I could only look down at Clare, who was asleep in the stroller at the time, and wish for her a life in which she never has to know that kind of pain. I even wished for her that she never has to know anyone who knows that kind of pain.

Talk to you soon,


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Anonymous said...

With the family that Clare is growing up in I am 100% sure that this will never happen to her. Not only her immediate family her extended family will look after her too.