Sunday, August 10, 2008

We're back!

Clare and I were on vacation last week, and now we're back. We had some good times and some hard times but the whole trip was so much fun that we were tired when we got home and had to rest.

It started the Saturday of the long weekend. We headed in to St. Catharines for Ribfest. I tried to convince Rob last year that he should end his 12 year meat-fast at Ribfest but I just wasn't persuasive enough. Now that he's been an omnivore for the past 13 months, he was ready for it. We ate and ate and ate. Definitely loved the ribs at the places we tried but prefer Bone Daddy's for sure.

After that and a brief day back at home to repack, we left for Thornbury to the cottage with Ann, Steve, and the Caranci clan. We had a total blast. Clare played in the sand and in the bay. We put her on a flutter board (on her belly) and towed her around in the water. She splashed. She played with the other kids. She ate applesauce and peas and rice noodles. But, she really only did this stuff when Mum was close at hand. I think all the excitement was a bit too much for Clare. She was kind of a Mummy's girl the whole week. I couldn't leave her for even 5 minutes without a good deal of crying and screeching. That made the week a bit more of a challenge than I'd bargained for.

And now, we're back home and resting up. Clare was definitely happy to see her dad again (as was I!) and she slept pretty hard our first day back (6:30 at night until 8:30 the next morning with only a few wake periods for food). I guess being someplace new and with all the new faces had her tired out.

Rob thinks that while she was away, Clare's thighs got even chunkier. Photographic evidence will be posted soon!

Talk to you soon,


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