Sunday, August 17, 2008

Happy 7 Months Birthday to Clare

If you haven't already guessed by the title of today's post- it's Clare's 7 month birthday! Yay Clare!

Here are some 7 month facts about Clare:
  • For the first time ever, last night she slept the whole night in her crib (in her own room) AND skipped her 4 am feeding.
  • She sits up entirely on her own and can adjust and correct if she starts to tip.
  • From sitting she can grab all sorts of things that used to be out of reach and still return to sitting to play with them.
  • She has been very cautiously testing out other movements but is too chicken yet go from sitting to standing, lying to sitting, standing to sitting, or sitting to lying.
  • She can, however, pull herself to standing on her own strength but needs help with balance.
  • Her upper right front tooth is very close to coming out.
  • She's eating peas, broccoli, yams, avacado, squash, apples, bananas, blueberries, cherries, rice cereal, oat cereal, Baby MumMums and has tried sushi rice, watermelon, and grapes.
  • Incidentally - her diapers are filled with something that looks a bit more 'grown-up' too
  • Her favorite toys are about the same as last month but now there's a lot more banging of them on whatever surface she can find. She seriously studies every angle of all of her toys too.
  • She still is putting just about everything in her mouth and she still kicks her feet like crazy VERY OFTEN.
  • She's been trying to engage the cats when they're around. She likes any cat or dog and usually smiles at the cats if they come into view. When my cousin's dog barked at her, she laughed hard. And she'll laugh now if you pretend you're a dog and bark at her.
  • Unfortunately for the cats, she's started pulling on hair. So, though Clare likes them, they still aren't fond of her.
  • Unfortunately for me, she's been pulling my hair too. And biting. I've been starting to teach her 'no' and 'ouch' by showing her my most angry or sad face and speaking in a hard voice. I think she's getting it since the biting has almost stopped.
  • Clare does this cute thing when she's in her stroller. She's either really awake and looking around, perched at the very edge of her seat and peering out OR she's chilled out, lounged back in her seat, with her feet up on the 'handle-bar'. It's kind of hilarious but maybe you'd have to be there.
Happy 7 months Clare!

Talk to you soon,


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