Monday, July 14, 2008

Requesting Feedback Part Two

Hi Everyone --

Thanks so much for weighing in on the business cards. It helped immensely!

However, in a fit of absolute foolishness, those business cards that I posted pics of yesterday had actual phone numbers on them. And yes, while my business phone number is likely to be made public at some point, I don't think it was a smart idea to put it up on my personal blog. So, I deleted yesterday's post. But - not after I'd read all of your comments (thanks again).

I took them all under advisement and will stick with the brown background and the title font. Susanna and I played around with the layout for a bit today and have kind of a revised version of layout #1 from yesterday. I'm going to play with fonts a bit more later (because I'm obsessed with fonts. it seemed clear to me that you guys were mostly indifferent to them as long as they're legible). And I'm taking under advisement the suggestion of changing my title but I need to think on it some more.

I'm kind of liking this new design quite a bit. Rob's not sure it's an improvement. Here's where I'm going with it. Any more thoughts from you guys? (this time I remembered to put up some fake info):

For comparison, here was the 'winner' from yesterday's post:
Talk to you soon!



Cynthia said...

I like #1 the best. I think having your name and address in script is a little busy.

All three are good, but #1 is my favourite.

Karen Lew said...

I like the enlarged cake, but I'd use more than half. I agree with Cynthia on the address in script.

Tiffany said...

I started replying to your email, but then decided to post here:

Kristin and I looked over them and we both agree on this:

- we like the darker one best
- we like one solid line of yellow with the cake centered
- the "plain" title font

We disagreed on the body font. I prefer the mixed case; she prefered block.

Then I looked at the new designs:

I really like the part cake look, but you aren't the lacey type. Lose the lacey edge? I agree with Karen, use more than half. I'd go as far over as the left edge of the top tier.

Also, I like the scripty font for your name and title, but I'd leave the other details in the more easy to read font, so clients can be sure they are reading it correctly. That might look unbalanced though, in which
case, I'd use the non-script font for all the non-title text.

One small thing: I think that in all these designs, the text and images are crowding the edge a little too much. Not only will it look crowded when they are printed out the correct size (try it and see) but cheap business card places tend to be a bit sloppy with the cutting, so a bit more is safer.

- Tiffany

ps: I like "cake designer". You could get more playful and go with "yummy cake maker" :)

Anonymous said...

Mum is going with #1 it is much easier to read for us old people.