Sunday, July 13, 2008

Emily and Bart

Yesterday was Emily and Bart's wedding. I made their wedding cake:

Vanilla cake, coffee buttercream centre, vanilla buttercream icing
Lemon cake with raspberry filling and pink lemonade buttercream icing
Hazelnut Cake with a cinnamon buttercream filling and whipped ganache icing


Karen Lew said...

Beautiful! and I dig the cake topper, too! I can't tell from the picture - what is it?

Karen Lew said...

By what is it, I mean, how is it made?

Rebecca said...

The cake topper(s)are sugar cookies cut out in the shape of wedding rings and then decorated with royal icing. The little diamond on the top of the 'Woman's ring' also sparkled with coarse white sugar.

Eve said...

it turned out lovely! awesome job, Becks! :)