Thursday, July 17, 2008

6 Months

Clare is half a year old today! Hooray for Clare!

Unfortunately for her, celebrating her 6 month birthday meant going to the doctor's office for some shots.

Here are some 6 month facts about Clare:
  • She's 15lbs, 2oz (24th percentile), 25.5 inches long (30th), and her head is 41 cm around (8th)
  • She's mastered the rolling over. She could do it before but now she goes back to tummy and tummy to back at will and fairly easily without getting stuck or needing help
  • She laughs really hard when you kiss her neck, pretend a spider is eating her face (with your hands), or give her a gentle toss in the air
  • She kisses back now, nearly daily, but they are very very juicy kisses
  • She initiates interaction with other babies and kids by smiling, touching, and talking
  • She practices talking more regularly adding new sounds all the time. Sometimes she practices talking during her naps or in the middle of the night. Last night, she was working on t's and k's. B's, w's, g's, y's, d's are well in hand. M's seem to be far away still (much to Mumma's dismay). Don't see any n's on the horizon either (poor Nana)
  • She sits for longer and longer periods unassisted but still not long enough for me to get a decent photo of it
  • Her favorite toys are 'Mr. Bun', 'Moosey', this kind of plastic worm, and a plastic crab (wormie and crabbie consecutively). She will happily play with any item that can be put in her mouth.
  • She sleeps best when she's in her own bed or next to Mum or Dad and will succumb to sleep in the carseat and stroller only when she's pretty darn tired.
  • She still likes to move her feet. They are almost constantly moving or kicking or touching something. Clare explores with her feet almost as readily as with her hands. She prefers though, to have her feet touching someone or something familiar (read, Mum) while playing with toys in her hands and mouth.
  • Clare puts her toys and fingers in her mouth and chomps on them so often that strangers are constantly asking me if she's teething. They've been asking this since she was 3 months old. So far, no teeth.
Happy half year birthday!

Talk to you soon,


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Anonymous said...

I guess the men in her life will be the happiest with papa, dadda & ye ye coming out of her mouth early. Talking in her sleep huh, have to watch her with that kind of stuff.