Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Frozen Food Week Here

Despite having trouble getting around to blogging about it. The meal planning has been going really well. Rob and I have been eating well, spending less on groceries, and spending less time preparing meals. It's been going well - until this week that is! Yesterday I went to the grocery store and bought vegetables to make a giant sized chef salad, some fruit to make a giant sized fruit salad, and a bunch of frozen food that can be heated quickly.. (pizzas, perogies, hamburgers, spaghetti)

It's no coincidence I suppose that Frozen Food Week happens to correspond with SHOW WEEK!!! Woo Hoo!! SHOW WEEK IS HERE!!! I'm really excited about show week and psyched to see what the audience thinks of how we're doing this year. I have a few axieties - knowing that my performance isn't quite what it has been in past -- just because I'm not in as good shape. I think overall though - it's actually a good show.

See you on the other side of this week!


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