Friday, June 20, 2008

Diminishing Supply

Ack! I think I screwed something up. I don't know what the cause is right now but my milk supply is seriously diminished. I can't pump any milk this week. If you're astute, you might realize that this week is particularly heavy on the bottle feeding. The timing works out that Clare has needed a bottle or two a day and we're almost out of the freezer stock. I've been trying to pump every day, employing the typical 'tricks' but I can't seem to even get an ounce. Of course I try to figure out what I've done wrong -- am I dehydrated? exhausted? have I not been pumping regularly enough to keep my supply high?

There is an awful lot of stigma against formula for babies these days. Even formula supplementing a normally breast-fed baby. I know there isn't really anything wrong with formula feeding once in a while. I was formula fed and so were both my brothers. I would bet that the majority of the people in my generation were formula fed. And still.. so much pressure to avoid it like the plague! I had been planning on arranging it so that Clare would never need to take formula.

However, if things continue on this track, Clare will be getting her first formula bottle before the end of the weekend. I'm extremely disappointed.

Talk to you soon,



Jesse said...

Hang in there Mumma! Everything will work out and like you said you're a formula baby and you turned out ok :)

Eve said...

hey. i know we didn't get to talk long about this but don't worry! Clare will be fine! you have given her the best start a mother can give her child and you made it much longer than many mothers...i didn't know you were a formula baby...and you're perfect, so see? Clare will be as well! :)