Sunday, June 08, 2008


Wow.. so long since I've posted anything. I'd been meaning to post all sorts of fun stuff.. like how we went to the 'reunion' picnic at our midwifery clinic that was meant to celebrate all the babies who were born this year.. like how I'm looking for a good peanut butter cookie recipe.. how "Clare's boyfriend" has left our usual yoga class and so we're going to go looking for another one (yoga class not boyfriend) in the hopes of meeting kids who live closer to us.. how Clare and I went to see The Sex and the City movie on Thursday..

Instead, today, all I can think to talk about is this weekend. It was a fun one but not quite productive enough. I sure did relax and chill though! It was Aunt Dorothy's 80th birthday so we celebrated with her over lunch on Saturday. Then we visited Evie and watched one of Mackenzie's lacrosse game. Interesting twist - he was reffing not playing.

Even more fun though (not that you guys weren't a total party!) - we took Clare 'swimming' today! Ok ok, not swimming but into a kiddie pool. I've been dreaming for quite a while for the day when we could get a kiddie pool and Clare and I could spend a warm summers day cooling off in the water. Today was the day. Lucky for me, she tolerated it quite well and I think she might even have had some fun. She was a bit tentative if she got feeling unstable in the water and wanted someone nearby, either holding her, supporting her, or just within arms reach. She did sit as unassisted as she can get away with, splashing a bit with her hands and feet. We stayed in the water for almost an hour playing around!

Looking forward to a few more days like that.. unfortunately this week is so filled with work (costumes, cake, housework, etc) that I don't know how much time we'll get outside. Even still, keep the sun coming!

Talk to you soon,


Anonymous said...

What were you planning on doing that you had an unproductive weekend. Also, I remembered after you left that I forgot to get out nana's cookie recipe.

Eve said...

Hi Becks
i think it will let me leave comments now.yay! the swimming pic is adorable! also i forgot to tell you which pictures of clare i wanted as my printer is crappy. next time. good luck with the costumes and the show! much love to all of you. xoxox