Wednesday, April 02, 2008

No Fool After All

In a flash of genius and support for me - Rob strongly urged me to change the date of the meeting I had planned for yesterday. This freed me up to attend the longed for book launch that I'd been dreaming of for weeks. It was sooooo worth it.

To start with, Clare and I were struggling yesterday. We've been struggling quite a bit this week but for now, that's neither here nor there. The point is - yesterday was kind of sucking. I gave up a bit and packed her in the car to go to Liz's for a workout with her, Jenny, and Erika while Clare 'played' with Graham, Ronan, and Lucas. I had hoped that the workout would release my mind from the negative space it was in from our difficult morning. Sadly, it didn't. By the end, I wasn't feeling worse, but I wasn't better. I was tired. I had a headache. Clare had relaxed but I knew that one more freakout that day would likely send me over the edge and it felt like the shoe could drop at any time. I seriously considered skipping the event just to get to go home and stare at a wall or something.

But then - everything got brighter. Rob, offered to attend the launch with me! This is a SERIOUSLY big deal. This book launch - it was for a KNITTING book. He had less than no interest in the book or anything to do with the launch. But having him come with me, it took away all my worries about the logistics of getting Clare and I there and through it all. So, Clare and I went to Kensington and grabbed ourselves some food and some DPNs so I could work on my project at the launch. The spring was returning to my step. Rob drove to the launch - the tension released from my shoulders. I ate. My head cleared. We found parking easily and within a very short walking distance to the theatre. The weather was foul, but the theatre was allowing us to wait in the lobby before the event. Rob and I got almost an entire hour to sit together talking. I had coffee. I enjoyed Rob's and Clare's company. Just after 6, the books went on sale. I grabbed a copy for myself and two for friends. Rob changed a diaper while I was in line (it was a blowout!). We headed in to the theatre and listed to Skydiggers until Stephanie's talk. Skydiggers were amazing! They reminded me of Trevor but older. Rob thinks they're like Julian but musical. Either way, all three of us enjoyed the music. Frustrations were melted - I had such an amazing time and was so so happy to be sharing it with my guy and my girl.

Then Stephanie came out to give her talk. It was extremely amusing. I found it to be a bit stiff at first, though. I think she was nervous. Once she got going, she was great. She did a lot of talking about studies in neuroplasty, and about the power of meditation and how knitting ties in to all of that. I also found myself drawing similar connections to dance. It was really interesting. All that and funny too!

As promised, we were home in time for Clare to get to bed and for Rob to watch the Phoenix game. I also insisted that Rob tell me things about WoW. If I was asking him to sit with me through a talk by a knitting humorist/philosopher, the least I could do is try to understand something about game!

Today, I read the book cover to cover. Good times..

Thanks so much Robbie! Thanks so much Clare!

Talk to you soon,


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Karen Lew said...

Good times, indeed! I'm glad Rob convinced you to reschedule the meeting.

I've heard Sky Diggers also - a few times. They used to do the Intelliware Christmas parties but I think they were usually hammered and well... not so good.