Monday, April 07, 2008

Lovely Weekend

We had a lovely weekend at our house. My Mum came to Toronto and spent Saturday and Sunday with us so that she could spend time with Clare while Rob and I worked on preparing our office/guest room for Cynthia's arrival. Thanks to my Mum we were able to get much much more done than we could have without her. I'm really pleased with how the room is coming together. Of course, it needs to be painted and to be decorated ...etc, etc.. but that will all come together in time.

One of the fun things about working on this room is that it is also my 'office'/'craft space'. It has been utterly unusable for months and months. I was able to organize all of my things and put them all together in a functional way. And now I'm excited to get back to some of my neglected loves. The sewing machine is ready, the knitting needles are ready, the soap making chemicals are ready! It's great!

Also, on Sunday we went to Craft Swap 2 at The Workroom. I was able to donate a good sized box of craft items (part of the cleaning up of the room) and managed to secure some lovely eggplant lopi yarn, a few sock patterns, and a shirt pattern that I'm going to pass along to the costume designer for PushPull. After that, we joined Karen and Dion for dinner and met up with Tiffany who came bearing gifts from Kristin. Clare received an absolutely cutie pie/super funky outfit. It'll be great to see her in it when she gets just a bit taller.

Take care everyone,


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