Saturday, March 29, 2008

Earth Hour

Did you guys hear about Earth Hour? Our family participated this year. We went around the house and collected some candles and brought them into our 'family room' for light. Karen came by just as I was going downstairs to flip the breakers. The hour was supposed to be 'lights off' but we decided to go 'off the grid' for an hour and turned off the main breaker to the house. Rob, Karen, and I played a game of candlelight Scrabble while Clare watched the light flicker around the room. Poor Clare though - she was distracted when she probably needed to be sleeping. Just around 9:30 we flipped the breaker back so we could put Clare in her bed and still be able to rely on the baby monitor and to ensure that our refrigerated goods didn't spoil.

What a wonderful way to spend part of a Saturday night!

Talk to you soon,


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Kern said...

I had never even heard of earth hour before, and now I learn of it three times (thanks to you, Karen and MarkMark).