Thursday, March 06, 2008

A Noteworthy Day

Clare and I learned some things today.

I learned that it is possible for me to have a shower after Rob has gone to work. Clare enjoys ‘talking’ to the faucet enough that I could put her in her bouncy chair on the bathroom floor and secure myself the necessary 10 minutes to get clean. I’m not sure that I want to test this out every day – but it could work in a pinch – such as today.

Clare learned that she likes her Moosey. She smiled at him today when they were playing together around lunchtime.

We learned that Clare’s hearing is perfectly fine. At least, a free test from a Public Health initiative officially indicated that Clare’s hearing is perfectly fine. We kind of already guessed that she could hear well, since she has had physical responses to all sorts of sounds.

We learned that I’m a happier Mum if I can keep my expectations for the day within reason. Will we ever reach our goal of having things ready in the house by April 27th this way? I doubt it.. but we’re not going to talk about that now.

We also learned that under the right circumstances, Clare can stay very calm and quiet in her car seat. I’m not sure what the circumstances are exactly I just know that she’s done it three times this week, the third being today. I think it has to do with the mood she in before she gets into her seat. The lady administering the hearing test seemed to suggest that almost all the babies she sees cry when they are in their car seat. I thought she might have just been particularly fussy but I guess not!

Ok, one more thing we learned – Clare likes the Purple Purl! It’s the local yarn shop in my neighbourhood. It opened up not that long ago but long enough ago that I’m embarrassed that I hadn’t been in yet. The Purple Purl is baby friendly and encouraged us to come back again. They have an informal knitting afternoon, to which many babies attend, on Fridays. Clare and I might go check it out soon. There are couches for sitting and knitting and coffee and pastries. Today there was a baby at the store who was 4 weeks older than Clare but much, much (much!) skinnier. We definitely have a porker on our hands.

In light of all of these things we’ve learned, I think I’m going to try make Clare some more toys. Moosey is one of her only toys. Right now she’s responding to things that are shiny, things that are high contrast (in particular high contrast stripes), and things that are red. I’ll see if I can work on them this weekend. And I'd like to start getting out of the house a bit more regularly. Maybe this weekend I can choose a fitness class and perhaps start weekly knitting at The Purl!

Talk to you soon,



Karen Lew said...

Sounds like a fun day. It's great fun to watch them start to clue in to the things around them and enjoy them!

Anonymous said...

A good day indeed.

That bouncy chair was a life saver!

I love Moosie!