Saturday, March 08, 2008

First Night Out

I went out last night without Clare. She stayed at home with Rob so that I could attend Trafalgar 24 with Kevin and Susanna. The Push Pull dancers were performing in the show again this year. I performed in the show the previous 2 years so I knew a few of the actors/directors/writers as well. It's a bit of a small world for me, actually. Tabitha and I performed together in Guys and Dolls in university and now she's acting (A LOT) and is dating Jeremy, who is Cathy's best friend and the Director of Driftwood Theatre. Cathy's a long time friend of mine from the OHDC days, still dances with me at Push Pull and used to date a guy I went to school with. Also - the Director of this year's 10 minute play that the Push Pull crew were in was Kevin MacDonald. Kevin and I went to the same high school at the same time. Also, he directed Kiss of the Spider Woman last month for SMT that had Ian, Brad, and Jonas in it. Ian went to high school with Cathy and is a friend from engineering who also dances with me at Push Pull and also danced in OHDC. Ian's choreographed SkuleNite too (Like Susanna and I did). Brad and Jonas - I met them through Yorkminstrels productions. Plus they've also both danced with PushPull. Jonas knows Kelly from Canadian Dance Tapestry. Kelly went to law school with Cathy. Kelly couldn't come last night because the weather was bad. Kelly did, however, go to Earl Haig with Kevin and Susanna (and Jesse?). There were a pile of Haigers at the show last night - including Suba - who wrote the music for the best play of the night!

That was fun (if not for you, for me)!

So.. I digress.. I managed to spend the night out without the babe. I missed her but it wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Rob gave her two bottles and I pumped - once at intermission and once as soon as I got home. We all seem to have made it without any permanent damage!

Talk to you soon,


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