Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Bye Bye Ma Ma and Ye Ye. Bye Bye Nana and Poppa.

It’s been quite a while since Rob, Clare, and I have been completely on our own – no help in the next room. Rob’s parents had been here for a little over two weeks but they went back to Victoria last Thursday. After that, I went to St. Catharines to visit with my family and friends. And as of today, my Mum and Ron are in Cuba.

So far, we’re managing, but it does still kind of feel like the first time performing a tight rope act you’ve been practicing but without the net, you know? Yesterday, Clare and I drove back from St. Catharines, had lunch with Rob, and then came home for a nap. It was great to see Rob and spend time together after being away for 4 days!

Today I cleaned up the kitchen and took Clare on her first trip to the grocery store. She was admired by quite a few of the folks at the Loblaws. There were lots of babies there besides her. It felt like the place was packed with moms and their kids. I think Clare was the youngest one there though. We chatted up the one mom who seemed to be about my age. Her daughter, Julie, is 11 months old and it turns out that May and I met before since we have an entirely obscure common acquaintance (her long time ex is someone I sort of knew from Engineering). We came home and had lunch, played a little bit, and now Clare’s napping again.

I forgot to mention that I have – pretty well – been keeping up with the weekly meal plan and grocery shop. I made it a goal of mine that – if nothing else – I would get to shower every day and we’d all eat well. I didn’t want those two things to fall apart just ‘cause I had a baby. Since it’s been a while since I’ve posted our weekly menu, here’s the one for this week:

Tuesday – Chicken Pot Pie (purchased from Daniel et Daniel), salad, steamed broccoli, rice pudding
Wednesday – Lentil soup (from the freezer), Veggie sandwiches,
Thursday – Chicken thighs with olives and feta, buttered pasta
Friday – Broiled salmon with apple chutney, green beans, mashed potatoes
Saturday – Pork chops with cranberry sauce, risotto, salad

Also - Karen directed me to this fun site that does this more regularly - here.

Have a good week everybody!


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BadBadIvy said...

Thanks for linking to us! It's funny how you get used to people being around and then when you're gone, you're surprised by how much you miss them!