Sunday, March 23, 2008

First Date

Foo! Foo! Foo! Foo! Rob took me out last night for my birthday to see the Foo Fighters at the ACC. It was a planned 'first date after baby', with tickets purchased way back in November and given to me as a birthday gift back in January.

The show was FANTASTIC!! They played a lot of their more popular songs which means that I got to hear a lot of my favorites. Even some 'oldies' like Everlong, Monkey Wrench, and Big Me. As Dave Grohl said "We're gonna play some new sh**, we're gonna play a little old sh**, maybe some acoustic sh**" and they did. Also, Taylor, the drummer, played with Rush who guest appeared at the concert, performing 'YYZ'. The whole concert was a bit of a spectacle with quite a bit of kind of grandstanding and showing off and goofing around. It was all done a bit tongue in cheek though - these guys don't take themselves too seriously - so I didn't mind it. Besides, Dave Grohl is kindofjustalittlebit sexy; he can almost do anything he wants!! The opening bands were HIFi Handgrenades and Against Me. Both of these bands are on this leg of the tour but I don't think they're doing the whole tour with The Foos. I think I agree with Rob, I preferred the HIFi set more than the Against Me set. However, the two songs by Against Me that get a lot of radio play, I kind of like them a lot. The Sun reviewed the concert in an article here and gave it 4.5 out of 5 stars. I liked the ebb and flow, slow downs and pick-ups in energy that the reviewer criticized as sections 'falling flat'. Though, it's true, the guitar-off wasn't my fav part.

Rob and I have been big Foo fans for a while and have purchased all of their albums. Back in the day, before I knew Rob well, we bonded over Foo. I remember thinking with great relief 'finally someone I can talk about music with!' after spending (clearly too much) time with my Barenaked Ladies/Simon and Garfunkel-listening housemates. It felt so appropriate that it was Foo Fighters that we got to see together both as our first rock concert and our first date after Clare. Rob took me to DQ after the concert and bought me ice cream. He knows how spoil a girl, I tell ya!

Clare herself had a fantastic night. She really enjoyed hanging out with Nana, Poppa, and Uncle Mac. I heard that she had a good belly laughs and generally played an awful lot. Nana got her to sleep on time and she didn't wake up when we moved her into her bed after we got home.

Talk to you soon,


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