Wednesday, March 19, 2008


We had an excellent visit with our midwives today. It was, in fact, our final visit so it was kind of bittersweet. We've loved getting to know Sarah, Esther and Tracy and have been so happy to have them part of our birth experience and part of Clare's early life. Tracy, who hasn't seen us since a few weeks before the birth (she was our 'back-up' midwife) said as soon as she saw us "So, I hear you pretty much had the most perfect birth!" I could only respond with "Yep, pretty much!" Everyone there has just been so extremely positive and wonderful. Sarah says 'Come back soon!' - and she meant just to visit if we want OR for any future service.

Clare had her official weigh-in. I've been weighing her on our bathroom scale but the calibration is clearly different. According to the clinic, Clare is now 59.5 cm (23.4 inches) and 5.40 kg (11lbs 14oz). I thought she was well over 12lbs by now (again, according to our bathroom scale). I guess at this size the error in the measurement really is big. All around, Clare and I both got the thumbs up - both of us look healthy and a-ok.

The girls were also quick to point out that Clare is nice and chubby and that there must be some good cream in my milk. I tell ya, I wasn't joking yesterday about being hungry all the time. I must be giving her my calories. Today, I really put it to the test - how many calories can I eat in a day. It's only just 4pm and I've already consumed: a 12oz fruit smoothie, an hot cross bun, a big bowl of leftover corn chowder, 4 two-bite brownies, 1/2 a Lindt dark chocolate and hazelnut chocolate bar, and a Big Mac Combo (diet coke, medium fries). If Clare gains a pound tomorrow, we'll know why! Ha!

Talk to you soon,



Karen Lew said...

Any calories I want: #3 on my list of reasons not to wean.
#1 We're too attached, we love it.
#2 It's very good for his health and kinda good for mine, too.

Anonymous said...

I loved the midwives. Sometimes I almost want to go for #3 just so I can hang out with them!