Tuesday, March 18, 2008

A Day of Ups and Downs

Today was new. Clare cried an awful lot today - more than any other so far, I think. That was one of the 'downs'. On the upside, I had enough stamina to let her cry that long without having a meltdown myself - surely a sign that I'm 'improving' as a Mum. Today was like that - full of ups and downs depending on how you looked at it.

The sky was very gray and dull but I witnessed a flock of Canada geese returning to Ontario from somewhere more southernly and warm; a sure sign of Spring around the corner.

It was raining and wet most of the afternoon, but it was warm enough that it was actually rain and not snow or ice.

I wasn't able to get very many household chores done today since Clare was having such a tough day but in the end the day was very restful as I sat with her cuddling and soothing her.

I had to drive to Richmond Hill but I (with the help of Karen) got diapers for almost half price and on the way found Cayne's Housewares (it's one of a few stores that I think of a bit like Mecca or maybe some kind of Pagan-type temple).

I feel like I've been hungry all day - I hear that comes with the territory when breastfeeding but I get to eat as much junk food as I want and I still lose weight!

Did you have some ups and downs today too?

Talk to you soon,


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