Wednesday, February 27, 2008

A better day

Yesterday got a lot better than I'd first pictured. Clare was really great all day - sleeping less and playing more during the day. It started to fall apart after dinner though. She used to stay awake in the evenings and play a bit but she hasn't been doing that as much. I feel like maybe, that's why she isn't sleeping quite as long in the night - she hasn't tired herself out in the evening.

So, last night - she fell asleep right after she ate dinner. That meant waking her for her bath which she was a surprisingly good sport about. After her bath she was ok for about 20 minutes but then we entered 'fussy time' in which she kind of mildly complains and wants to be soothed for about an hour. By then it's time to feed again. That gets us to about 10 pm before she's really calm and ready to sleep. The rest of the night kind of went like this:

12:00 - Rob brings Clare to be fed (I was already getting some sleep). I feed her and then we all fall asleep - Clare on her nursing pillow.
1:30 - I wake up and discover the situation and lay her in her bassinet
1:35 - Clare has been awake for about 5 minutes going 'heh, heh, eairnh, eairnh' and even with tummy rubs and finger sucking isn't settling in. I curse a little. Then bring her back to her nursing pillow with me.
2:30 - Clare's awake for food. Interestingly, I'm not woken by her crying or fussing, but by her pecking. I change her diaper first then come back to bed for the feed. This time I smarten up and feed her in the side-lying position. Buffet is open. Mum's asleep in an instant.
4:30 - Again, I'm woken by being pecked at. She almost found the food herself! However, I need to switch sides. Staying smart, I kept the side-lying thing going and was again asleep fast.
5:15 - 6:15 - Fussing, fussing, this time even while sitting right next me. Tummy rubs give up some gas and then finally she's back to sleep. Surprisingly, this doesn't keep me awake so much as Rob.
6:30 - Another feed.
7:30 - Some more fussing. More tummy rubs pass a bit more gas. We call it a night and declare it morning.

I feel pretty well rested this morning. When I look at the schedule I wonder how it's possible. I think the truth is that I slept through most of the feedings. And - while Clare might not have slept that well last night, dealing with whatever business was keeping her so fussy, I managed to get some sleep despite it all!

Clare's been awake for two hours now this morning. She's very happy today (as most mornings) so maybe we all got more sleep than I realize. I wonder how Robbie is holding up? Despite the early mornings, he refuses to come to bed any earlier than midnight.

P.S. - I finally managed to capture a picture of Clare's eye colour. A little blurry but colour accurate.

Talk to you soon,


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