Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Not a good day

I know that in life, and in particular when you become a mum, some days are gonna be good and some days are gonna be bad. Today is a bad day. And it's just started. I'm really feeling the effects of sleep deprivation today. I feel as if I could cry just because the sky is blue (or in the case of today, because it's grey and snowing..) I don't think Clare has been sleeping that well. I'm too unaware of what's going on in the middle of the night to be too specific but for the past week or so, she's just not in the routine that she used to be. In this new routine, daytime naps last 3 hours and nighttime naps last 1-2 hours. Friday night she was awake every hour until 2 am. Somehow, after that she slept until 7am so that was ok. Otherwise this week, she seems restless, often waking for food hourly during the night. Well, to be clear, she's waking but it might not be for food - food is just what I give her. Even the tiniest peep out of her wakes up Rob so I do try to get to her as fast as I can (especially on weeknights). It used to be that the closer she slept to me, the longer she'd sleep. Since I've been trying to keep her close to me during then night, that means even when I'm sleeping, I'm not sleeping comfortably as I'm often half sitting up with the girl on my chest.

Yeah .. so .. not sleeping well makes for a grumpy Rebecca and then the whole world just feels like things aren't going my way (like tripping over Rob's stuff in the stairs, problems getting my EI, pumping not working this morning, practically never seeing Rob).

So, for today I'm just gonna let things be grumpy and try to catch a nap. 'Cause though it doesn't feel like it right now, soon enough this too will pass.

Talk to you soon,



Jesse said...

Hang in there Mum! Clare will work things out (maybe she's going through a growth spurt?) and both of you will be sleeping soon enough! Clare's chubby cheeks are sure sign of a mum doing great work!

Anonymous said...

It maybe an old wives tale but as I have said may times try flipping her in her bed. Also it maybe time to get her into her own room where she is not waking you every time she moves.