Monday, February 25, 2008

A sea of Pink

Pam forgot her memory card .. I forgot my battery! Sadly, I won't be able to post pics from the baby shower hosted for Clare and I in St. Catharines this past Saturday. Let me assure you that we had a great time chatting with family and all of our long-time buddies, that Clare was angelic the entire time (either awake and quiet or asleep and quiet but never crying), and that we'll have a few more pink outfits to add to our Picasa album in the near future. My three great aunts, Dorothy, Evelyn, and Frances hosted the shower which was catered by the W.A.V.E.S group that my Aunt Dorothy belongs to. The WAVES are a group of ladies who I also know from my St. Catharines church. Among the many thoughtful gifts, we received:

a pink bodysuit and tutu, a black patent leather purse, a hand knitted rainbow coloured log cabin blanket ala Mason-Dixon Knitting, a Raffi CD, a cloth book that crinkles when you squeeze it, a pink striped/solid reversible outfit from the gap, a pink and green and ivory plaid skirt with matching top, a pink and green full skirted party dress, a pink striped sleep set, a set of silver silverware engraved with a pink H, 2 teddy bears, puppy dog slippers, a towel apron, a pink minky blanet with satin trim, a chenille blanket with a cute soft stuffie, a pink and orange striped golf shirt, a pink mini skirt with matching top, a gold necklace with guitar charm, a jade charm of a pig (her Chinese astrological sign), a red silk Chinese style pant and top set, two sleepers, a handmade card, a yellow sleep set, a Graco pack and play play yard, a baby gate that has a sensor that turns on a light when someone approaches it at night, a diaper bag, a white velour tracksuit, a pair of teal jogging pants, a heating pack (kind of like those microwavable oat bags but smaller and to put in a stroller to keep baby toasty on long winter walks), 3 books, a memories box, oodles of cutie pie shirts, a pair of ivory corduroy pants, a denim jumper, a hand made quilt with matching quilted tote bag, and a hand made crocheted stuffed Humpty Dumpty.

Wow! That is a long, long list. And it wouldn't surprise me if I'd forgotten something, since I did this just off the top of my head.

There was also a present for me at the shower. My Mum bought for me a gold heart-shaped locket with Clare's birthday engraved on the back. She also gave me, what I estimate as the sweetest card she's ever given me. I can't even think about it without getting all welled up with tears. Mean daughter that I am though, I refused to read it in front of people 'cause I knew it was gonna make me cry and get all sappy. I waited to read it for when I was home and alone with Clare.

It was quite a weekend!

Talk to you soon,


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