Friday, January 25, 2008

Our first week

A week has passed since Clare came into our world. It's been quite a week! Already so many changes. I've been feeling pretty good this week really. It's actually been hard trying to remind myself that my body has been through a bit of a task. I'm trying really hard to listen to advice from people to take it easy, let my body rest and recover. Really, I am trying! However, I have to admit that I enjoyed my walk yesterday. Adam, Karen, Clare, and I went for a stroll around my neighbourhood and we outside for about an hour. The sunshine was so wonderful. I had only two really bad days of pain from engorgement and even now I'm having much less discomfort at the start of our feeding sessions. For this, I thank Pam who wished for us minimal engorgement and whose pain I can only imagine! Thanks Pam and I'm so sorry for you! When Sarah, our midwife, called today and asked how I was doing my only complaint was that my stitches are still kind of nagging me. I thought they were getting better but then yesterday they started hurting again. Sarah asked if perhaps I'd taken on too much activity yesterday.. perhaps a lot of walking? Ummm.. well.. huh. I hadn't thought of that! So, I felt kind of like an idiot. Sarah said that it's totally my choice, walking won't hurt me in any way but if it irritates my stitches then that's a choice I'll have to make. Oh yeah, and I've almost got Picasa working to post some pics. Very very soon, with the pictures!

Clare has also been doing really well. She's growing and changing already. Her colour is good and getting better. She's starting to get the full cheeks and double chin of a well fed baby. She's had only a couple of fussy periods this week. Two of them were middle of the night fussy periods. These ones suck. I've been trying to guess what the cause might be so that I could remedy the situation but I'm at a loss for now. I've ruled out the basics (she was dry, fed, burped, and the right temperature). We're trying to see if it correlates at all with food I've eaten or with daytime activity. Ok, but seriously? One whole week and only about 4 total hours of a fussy time. I'm still a stupidly lucky Mum, eh?

Rob, while blissfully happy, has had a cold. Since this is his vacation time, it's doubly crappy for him to be sick. He's holding up well, considering, but it's not the most fun. We're wondering, though, if Clare has picked it up and that's why she was fussy last night. She had a plugged nose and breathing was a bit wheezy. Also .. I'm pretty sure that I'm coming down with the cold too. Could be a messy day tomorrow. Meanwhile, we'll all continue to rest up, eat our vitamins, and enjoy every single minute of these first irreplaceable moments.

Talk to you soon,


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Pam said...

I'm so glad for you! =)
Sounds like you guys are doing great... Clare's lucky to have you guys!