Thursday, January 24, 2008

Technical Challenges

I've been wanting to post some more pictures but I'm trying to work out the technical challenges. I find it frustrating that I can't take pictures from my camera and using one software package get them to the blog or a website in just a few (is it too much to hope for just one?) step. I suspect it's my lack of know-how on the topic that is preventing me from getting it done this way and not the unsophisticated technology. Perhaps it's something to do with the software business model, each piece of software designed to achieve only one step at a time so that users require more software than if they just bundled everything. Maybe it's actually because I only use freeware. Sigh. Rant over.

Anyway, I've heard that Picasa is pretty good. Sadly, Picasa is incompatible with my Mac OSX (version 3). So, I asked Rob to install it on his computer and this afternoon, if Clare allows, I'm going to try to figure out how to use it. Any suggestions from the readers about how best to get from camera to web in under 4 steps?

Talk to you soon,



Jesse said...


We use Picasa2 and it makes things really easy. It detects the camera and you click one button to import the pictures. Then you select the pictures you want to blog and click on the BlogThis! button. I think that's less than four steps :)

Good Luck!

Kevin said...

I use Picasa too. It's integrated pretty well into blogspot (they are both owned by google, go figure).