Thursday, September 06, 2007

Taking a Break

Just taking a break from cake baking right now. The last of the chocolate cakes is in the oven. I suppose I could use this time to do something else productive - like tint the flowers or something - but I'm kind of sleepy and it's 12:10 am. So, I'll stay awake and wait for it to bake but that's about as much of my attention as I can give to it right now.

Meanwhile, I'm doing some of the things that enjoy doing when I want to kill some time but can't really concentrate (or don't want to). In other words, I'm not knitting either.
- I'm watching late night tv, CSI specifically.
- Catching up on blog reading
- Scanning online knitting magazines (although I was pretty well caught up on my reading already)
- Dreaming of buying fabric from these new online shops I found: here and here.

Hope that you're all having a nice sleep!

Talk to you soon,


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