Sunday, September 09, 2007

Gary and Michelle

Well, it's all done - cake week is over. The wedding was beautiful, as expected. I'd heard so many of the details leading up to the event that it was exciting to see it all come together. I also had the opportunity to meet many of the wonderful people I've been hearing about all these years. And Gary just looked so happy! Rob and I had a great time and we stayed into the wee hours of the morning (or at least that's what I call wee hours of the morning these days). I danced to as many songs as I could convince Rob or Caroline to dance with me. I didn't chat with the bosses very much though. I sometimes (yes, I'm sure you'll find it hard to believe) am not sure how to make small talk when we're so far outside our 'normal setting'.

On an even more personal note, I think there's a chance this cake was my most successful. I actually hesitated to type that phrase because it's really depends on how you define success and each of my cakes has been special to me in some way or another. I wasn't as happy with the final product this time as I have been with others so that's not why I feel it was so successful. However, the level of difficulty was significantly higher than any of the others I've made and yet I feel that I rose to that challenge better than before. The process was much more under control than many other cakes as well. My timing is getting better, I'm more consistent, and I stayed calm and in control of much of the entire process. I stayed up past midnight only one night this week. I took a lot of notes to help inform future cakes AND I finished with enough time to spare that I got my hair done for the big event. As has happened before, I did have the hardest time getting the fondant on the cake. Rob helped and together I think we found a good technique. It was still about as frustrating an experience as anything (and Rob took many pictures during assembly but most of them are quite unflattering) but I think I'll be able to do even better next time. So, there was some swearing during the fondant rolling. There was a good deal of anxiety about how it would be received - even Caroline noticed me getting distracted and fidgety around 5 when it was time to set-up. So, there's room to improve even yet!

I've also been thinking since last night about working on a better logo and have been revisiting the idea of what the name of my business should be. The staff at the reception venue, the florist, and the wedding planner were all extremely professional and treated me with a respect that I felt difficult accepting, actually. One of the hotel staff actually said, while watching me pipe the branches on, that I was like an artist! I'm going to try to work on accepting the compliments a bit better. I will however accept compliments as to the fabulousness of my dress, hair, and make-up! Hee hee! (the other two in that picture are Caroline and Matt. Rob and I didn't get any pictures together, sadly. The exciting back story to the wedding and the cake is that the work I did on the cake earned us enough money to buy the camera with which Rob was taking all of these great shots!

Talk to you soon,



Karen Lew said...

You, the cake, and the photos are all beautiful! Well done.

Anonymous said...

Great job on the cake Becky! It looks awesome! I wish I could have made it there to see it being assembled, but no such luck!!! Maybe next wedding season!!!