Sunday, September 02, 2007


It's the big kickoff this weekend - and I'm not talking about the beginning of the NFL season. Yesterday marked the beginning of 'cake week'. The week of non-stop wedding cake making extravaganza that leads up to the delivery of a wedding cake. For me, the big day is next Saturday and it's for Gary and Michelle's wedding. I've been working a lot this weekend. And I will continue working until the party starts next Saturday at 7pm!

As it stands now, most of the gum paste flowers are mostly finished. The ganache and blueberry filling are chilling as we speak. Tomorrow I need to finish up with the flowers, knock off a couple of batches of buttercream, and zest the 14 lemons. If there's any time after that, I'm going to pre-weigh the dry ingredients in preparation for the baking to begin on Wednesday night.

If I'm not around this week - you'll know why!

Talk to you soon,


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