Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, a frustrating day at the you know where, hot on the heels of pretty fun and exciting weekend with cake has added up to much daydreaming about the future of my cake business. I know, I know .. all talk no action! Well, we'll see. I'm feeling inspired and driven to move forward at this point in time. I've contacted Tiffany and we're going to meet tomorrow to try to set-up my website. I'd like to launch it in about 2 weeks. Fast enough that I'd feel ok about sending the link to Gary and Michelle's wedding planner. The 'trouble' so to speak is that it means committing to a business name. So, that's today's particular fascination. Trying to really decide, once and for all, what I will call my business. That and looking around online for samples of sites I like and what other folks do for content when they are low on content (like I will be!)

And of course, it's Monday today. Which means posting our menu plan for the week. I'm a little uninspired this week, I have to say. But here we go:
Monday - Phad Thai (food court fare, I was running around after work)
Tuesday - BBQ chicken, polenta, salada
Wednesday - Taco night!
Thursday - Penne primavera
Friday - Roasted mahimahi with tomatoes, onions, and a tapenade vinaigrette with parmesan couscous and sauteed greens (likely swiss chard)
Saturday - Hopefully out with the team
Can you tell which day I got the menu off of Epicurious?

Lastly, there's been a flurry of activity for me on Facebook. A guy who I went to school with from grade 6 - 8 has found me and is doing his darndest to connect the old class. I had the same class (more or less) for all three years. I was hesitant to connect at first but then I gave in. There has been a lot of 'catching up'. It's kind of weird but sort of fun too. We were a pretty close class, really. But no one has kept in touch much since. I think Rhys and I might have done the best job at staying in touch.

Well, that's the update for today!

Talk to you soon,



kristin said...

this flurry of activity is actually the reason i am not on facebook. admittedly i'm curious about what old classmates and acquaintances are up to but i'm not really interested in catching up with them or feeling pressured to keep in contact with people i haven't seen in 20 years.

Kevin said...

For the most part I feel the same way as Kristin. While there are exceptions, generally, if I didn't keep in touch with someone, there likely was a reason. I also sort of feel that instead of spending time and energy getting in touch with those sorts of people, I should spend more time an energy on the friends and family I have today.