Wednesday, September 12, 2007

And the Bean Grows

At the request of Rob's family, I posed for a pregnancy photo this morning. So, here I am at 20 weeks pregnant. That's my morning face. Ack! Anyhow - more important than my physique or my morning face is the fact that we had another check-up with the midwife yesterday. Everything is going well with Bean and with me (Bean's HR 150, my BP 98/50, fundal height 20cm). Esther did also get the results from our ultrasound from a couple of weeks ago. Everything there was absolutely normal too. And who knows why the technician took so many photos of my left ovary - it's apparently quite normal. So, Bean is just right. The technician was wrong about one thing though - the sonographer did make a decision about gender. So, we found out!! They qualified the answer, claiming that the shot made it difficult to say with certainty, but in their opinion, Bean is in fact, a ... If you want to know, you should email me! I don't want to post it just in case there is somebody out there who doesn't want to know.

Also - I auditioned for this season of PushPull on Sunday night. I felt pretty good but these extra pounds and 3 months of inactivity had my jumps a little more laboured and a little closer to the ground than usual. I think it's gonna be fun though and you should see me in my bodysuit and yoga pants! I've really been missing dancing. Still, I think I'm going to have some trouble adjusting to being so much less involved than usual this season. I don't adjust well in those kinds of situations. I'm really going to work on it though! Could be a whole new kind of experience for me! Anyway, there were quite a few good dancers who auditioned this year. It looked like about 40 or 50 people were auditioning and Kelly's only taking 25-30 dancers. Could be some tough decisions for her.

And finally, while I was at rehearsal, somebody called for me and left a message for me to call her back. By the time I got home, Rob had forgotten who it was!! So, if you called me on Sunday night and I haven't called you back - you'd better try calling again. Or, send me email and I'll give you a call on the weekend.

Tomorrow is my first dance class in months. It's an open class being offered by PushPull until they finalize the cast on Friday.

Talk to you soon,



Karen Lew said...

I can't believe you almost did 'the pose.'

Rebecca said...

why is that so hard to believe? it's the best way to show off a belly! :)


Karen Lew said...

Don't get me wrong, you're cute and it looks like you're having fun. But it's a little cliche, no? I guess that's what you mean by "best way." I'm thinking that tucking in your shirt, or better yet, a body suit is actually the "best way" to show off a belly.

Allison said...

You're PREGNANT?!?!? Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your belly is very cute.