Friday, August 31, 2007

Bean is a Skier?

We had the 18 week ultrasound this morning. It was kind of a weird experience. First off, it seemed strange that Rob wasn’t allowed in. I didn’t really like that so much and the technician wouldn’t really say why he wasn’t allowed in. Only that he could come in at the end to see pictures of the baby but that she had to take measurements first. She also explains – and chastises me somewhat for not having read the sign – that she is the technician and that only the radiologist can make diagnoses, decisions, etc.. which includes gender of the baby. We will find out nothing today. So, I’m lying there, I can’t see the screen and she’s got the wand moving all around my belly. She has some voice recorder thingy connected to the machine so that she can comment on what she’s taking pictures of. Her dialogue goes something kind of like this:

“Sagittal Plane. Cervix. Placenta. Head. Shoulders. Heart. Transverse plane. Head. Shoulders. Heart. Chamber 1, 2, 3, 4. Left Atrium. Flow to Left ventricle. Right chambers atrium, ventricle. Looks good. Baby is moving. Heart. Aortic arch. Looks good. Baby is moving. Head. Spine. Spine. Spine. Sacrum. Spine. Looks good. Urinary bladder. Looks good. Kidneys 1 and .. 2. Looks good. Gender area. Gender area. We’ll try again later. Femur. Tibia. Looks good. Right foot. Toes – 5. Looks good. Other side. Femur. Tibia. Looks good. Left foot. Toes – 5. Looks good. Gender area. Gender area. We’ll try again later. Head. Shoulders Baby is moving. Head. Shoulders. Nasal bone. Eyes. Lips. Jaw Bone. Cheeks. Looks good. Again Head. Shoulders. Right Humerous. Right Forearm. Right hand. 5 fingers. Looks good. Shoulders. Left Humerous. Left Forearm. Left hand. 5 fingers. Looks good. Baby is moving. Head. Saggital plane. Head. Transverse plane. Cerebellum. Cerebral Cortex. Corpus Callosum. Nuchal Fold. Looks good. Shoulders. Heart. Urinary Bladder. Kidneys. Cord insertion. Gender area. Hmm. I’m just going to poke here a second. Gender area. Hmm. Let me try another way . Hmm. Ok. Cord Insertion. Legs. Feet. Gender area. Nope.”

She calls in Rob to have a look and quickly scans through the same body parts again.

And finally “The baby keeps moving but always moving with the legs and thighs together. The radiologist will make the decision but there’s no good picture. He won’t be able to tell gender.”

So, it sounds to me like Bean’s gonna be a skier – perfect form – moving around with the knees and thighs held closely together.

There was one thing that was a little weird to me though. While she was waiting for Bean to open his legs, she was scanning my anatomy, looking at the bladder, cervix, uterus. During that time she took 3 pictures of my left ovary and corpus luteum and no pictures of my right. What does that mean? Is my right ovary missing? Is there something wrong with the left that required a photo? I won’t be able to find out now until my next midwife appointment, I guess.

Talk to you soon,



Anonymous said...

Hey - very cute bean! Maybe the no spouse rule is standard practice later on - Brandon wasn't allowed until he was called either - maybe just to let the tech work without someone peering over her shoulder asking questions...???

xoxo Sue

Karen Lew said...

very cute bean.

Dion wasn't allowed in until she was done her work either. I think that is standard practice. But that gender area thing is seemingly an office policy or something. We found out at the screening. If they can let you look at the screen at the end and send you home with pictures, that could include pictures with "the gender area," if they caught a picture.