Saturday, August 11, 2007

More Randomness

Because yesterday's meme was so much fun and since I have a bunch of things that I wanted to tell y'all about but none really consititute a post on their own, I'm writing up another 'random' post.

1. YESTERDAY I SAW EDWARD NORTON!!!! (from really really really far away but it was totally for sure, i think , probably him). I saw in the newspaper that Ed Norton and Liv Tyler are filming for a new The Hulk movie here in Toronto and in fact, right near where I work. Filming happens a lot around here, so I hadn't taken much notice of this particular crew until I'd found out that Edward Norton was there (!!!). So, yesterday, when I went to grab coffee I actually got to see a glimpse of the filming. They are actually using a space right beside my building. Edward Norton was like, 500m from my desk! Sigh. I tried to dream up some really good reason why I needed to walk by there, something urgent and convincing, but I couldn't. And there were a lot of police around. Not just the regular film security people but real TO cops working the security. It looked pretty tight. I took in as much as I could from my vantage point about 150 m away. I could see a tank, and some guys dressed in (what is apparent in real life if not on screen) fake army gear, and I'm pretty sure I saw a guy that looked EXACTLY like Edward Norton. It must have been him!

2. On Tuesday, back at work from my vacation someone who knows me who works upstairs became the first to ask 'the question'. In as delicate a way as possible he inquired whether I was expecting. So, I guess I'm 'showing' enough that even people who don't know can kind of figure it out. Mind you, I was wearing a dress that made the round belly a bit more obvious (you know that green and yellow one I love that looks like curtains from 1973?)

3. Feeling a smidge concerned about my minimal calcium intake these I started drinking some milk this week after avoiding it for so very long. I do eat dairy but I haven't actually drank a glass of milk in years and years. So, yesterday and today I ordered a warm skim milk with honey at my coffee shop for afternoon 'coffee break'. It was much more delicious than I expected for some reason! And then it made me think about Judaism.

4. The caretaking services team in the building where I work have started a new campaign in the washrooms on hygiene. Signs are up in every washroom reminding people to wash their hands at every opportunity, to scrub for 15 seconds with soap, and to turn the taps off while holding paper towels. Then, they installed an antimicrobial rinse station outside all of the bathrooms. This makes me frustrated. I'm not sure I understand why it's become so popular these days to be germaphobic.


Kern said...

1. In my book, an Edward Norton sighting would definitely be sufficient to merit its own post. :) I had no idea a new Hulk movie was in the works!

2. I wonder which is better; to ASK somebody if they're pregnant, or to assume they are and congratulate them?

3. I don't know why, but I found the idea of ordering milk in a store a bit shocking. I think of milk as something you buy a jug of and drink at home. Stores are for ordering complicated things. Then again, I have no problem with ordering tea, which ultimately has less complexity than warm milk and honey.

4. Awareness is a dangerous thing. There was a great Northern Exposure episode where Maggie found out she had an mild allergy to dust. When the doctor explained that it wasn't actually the dust, but the droppings of the super-tiny mites that live in the dust that she was reacting to, she completely freaked out. The idea of tiny bugs in her furniture, her skin, her hair, made her whole existence seem intolerably filthy once she learned that they were there.

Rebecca said...

I think asking is definitely better. And of course I didn't mind or anything. I just figured it was a sign that I'm now 'showing'. I know a couple of ladies who were not pregnant who got asked. That's not as fun!

Yeah..milk ordering is a little weird. But I don't really buy milk for home so somehow this made much more sense.