Friday, August 10, 2007


I’ve read a lot of knitting memes on all the knitting blogs that I peruse. They go around a lot. Of course, then, the 10 random things are supposed to be about knitting. Today I have been tagged by Kern to name 10 random things about myself. He of course was at the end of a line of tags from Kristin, Karen, and Gina. This, as Karen so helpfully pointed out when she was over last night, pretty much means that I will need to tag Kevin. So, Kev – you’re up!

8 Random Things About Me

1. Despite having started playing late (at 23) AND the first few years of play, I played somewhat reluctantly AND not playing this year, I still consider Ultimate Frisbee to be ‘my sport’ and was very excited and proud that the Canadian Ultimate Championship (held this year in Toronto) got a front page photo and mention in Metro today.

2. I could run faster this year (before getting pregnant) than I ever have at anytime before this year.

3. I have done secret, not entirely precise, annual speed measurements of myself over the past 7 or so years. Before that I didn't really run.

4. I consider dance to be an essential part of my soul.

5. I was on Tiny Talent Time on CHCH channel 11 when I was 10. I got to tell Bill Lawrence that I wanted to be a lawyer when I grew up (so that I could help people work through their problems) and got to do a commercial announcement: "Don't go away, Tiny Talent Time will be right back!"

6. If I'd known sooner that there was such a field of study as "food science" or "food engineering" I think I would have done that instead of this.

7. It often surprises me that I live in Toronto and surprises me more that I've been here for 13 years.

8. I lied to Ann during a game of Bohnanza on the weekend and I still feel kind of bad about it (I won the game, btw).

Talk to you soon,



Karen Lew said...

What a crazy sounding game, Bohnanza!

Similarly to your #5, I was the CJOH athlete of the week when I was 16. They wanted someone from our team (AYJ sr girls' vball) and the coaches put me forward (a gr 11) instead of Justine Edkins (a gr 13 and the captain) because of my marks or perhaps because of hers. I was interviewed by Carolyn Waldo, the synchronised swimmer, and received a nice hoodie. I lost that hoodie the next year at a volleyball tournament at Cairine Wilson S.S.

I considered making my habit of losing things one of my 8 random facts. For example, I have also lost numerous earring from my Aunt Joan, my most recent address book, and a TI30 twice. This habit vexes Dion.

Kevin said...

Damn you Rebecca!

I don't even think I know 8 things about myself. Besides, I already made a post today, so it will just have to wait!

tamka said...

The fact that you provided a link to has elevated you to a new status in my world.

Rebecca said...

Bohnanza is super fun. I think Rob and I are going to try to obtain a copy for ourselves. And Ka Lun .. you can take the girl out of Eng Sci, but do you ever really take the Eng Sci out of the girl?


Karen Lew said...

1. a little surprising (hence the "despite") since you didn't play during your formative years.

2. also a little surprising. Is this what you were going for in selecting your "random" things?

3. bizarre and surprising. details please! what distance(s)? results?

4. ah. not surprising. That was a surprise!

5. Do you now wish you had chosen a job that would let you help people work through their problems?

6. If you want to do regulatory stuff, you could probably work your way into food.

7. It really should not surprise anyone to find themselves at the centre of the universe. Just kidding. But Toronto is the centre of most things in Ontario, where you did grow up.

8. I'm sure Ann is over it.